Vanlommel wants to be a reference point for sustainable business in Belgium.
To achieve this objective, the group invests continuously in a variety of innovative environmental techniques to reduce its environmental impact of its daily activities.
Recent developments are:
- Remodeling the existing cooling processes to obtain the use of 100 % natural gases (CO2, NH3)
- The use and production of green energy in order to be self-sufficient:
o Use of solar energy by installing a photovoltaic solar system of 1600 m²
o Use of wind energy by installing a 2,35 MW wind turbine: annual production capacity
of 1800 households.
- Introduction of a variety of recovery systems for maximum recuperation of heat to reduce the use of
natural gas to almost 0 %.
- Integration of sustainable material management in daily production processes:
o Use of environmentally friendly packaging solutions (i.e. skin packaging)
o Integration of sorting and recycling procedures in order to reduce waste production in daily working processes.