Everything under one roof − that’s how Vanlommel works. And you can take that literally for the production of the veal, which enables Vanlommel to guarantee maximum freshness and shelf-life. But as the coordinating director of the entire supply chain, Vanlommel also maintains full control long before and after the production process.


Vanlommel buys new-born calves from carefully selected suppliers. The animals then go to one of our partner farms, where the calf breeders and Vanlommel’s technicians closely monitor their evolution − giving them only feed that meets the most stringent requirements. We also handle transporting the calves ourselves, from the calf suppliers to the farm, and from the farm to the slaughterhouse.


Audits by independent agencies ensure the quality, safety and traceability of Vanlommel’s veal. Veterinarians from the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) have permanent control over the live animals and carcasses. Vanlommel is also subject to the Belgian Control System for Veal (BCV), which implements strict quality standards for every link of the production chain. Vanlommel was the first Belgian company to export veal with the Higher Level IFS (International Food Standard) quality label.


As a family-owned business, Vanlommel prides itself on having a close relationship with its customers. Each request is an invitation to give the customer a tailor-made response. Large or small quantities, everything is carefully cut or packaged according to the customer’s wishes. They know exactly what they can expect from Vanlommel.


Vanlommel’s veal is transported in own trucks or via certified transporters that meet the most stringent criteria in the areas of service, just-in-time delivery, and online temperature registration. A link in the chain that cannot be underestimated − because two-thirds of the veal is exported.